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A credit score of 620+ is required to qualify for this type of loan along with verified income. This loan allows for financing of up to 100% of the property's purchase price in addition to rehab costs.

100% financing for rehab projects is not easy to be found. With the flexibility of additional capital, this loan can help you add value to the subject property and receive a maximum return on your investment.

This loan features:

  1. $0 Down Payment

  2. Up to 70% ARV

  3. 4, 8 , or 12-month loan periods

  4. $50k - $2M+ in funding

  5. Financing delivered in under 14 days

  6. Interest-only payments

  7. No prepayment penalty

  8. 1-4 family units, multifamily 5-20 units



This loan type is perfect for short-term flexibility on an investment property.

This loan features:

  1. $90k - $5M+ in funding

  2. Up to 70% ARV

  3. 1-2 year loan term

  4. Business entities only, no individuals

  5. Up to 80% LTV on purchase or cash-out refinance

  6. No prepayment penalty

  7. Stated income and no DTI requirement

  8. No minimum FICO requirement

  9. No minimum DSCR requirement on 1 year term

  10. Interest-only payments

100% financing for rehab projects is not easy to be found. With the flexibility of additional capital, this loan can help you add value to the subject property and receive a maximum return on your investment.

This loan features:

  • $0 Down Payment

  • Up to 70% ARV4, 8 , or 12-month loan periods

  • $50k - $2M+ in funding

  • Financing delivered in under 14 days

  • Interest-only payments

  • No prepayment penalty

  • 1-4 family units, multifamily 5-20 units



This loan type is for long-term cash flowing properties and provides up to 80% LTV. DSCR stands for "Debt Service Coverage Ratio" and provides a take-out of an existing loan or purchase.

This loan features:

  1. 30-year fixed term, 5/1 ARM & 10 year interest only options

  2. $75k - $2M

  3. Property types include mixed-use, up to 20 units, condos

  4. LTV up to 75% cash-out or 80% rate and term

  5. Minimum 640 FICO required

  6. Short closing times



This type of loan is good for real estate investors looking to fund their house-flipping project(s) with up to 90% financing. Another attractive point of this loan is that minimum documentation is required.

This loan features:

  1. 12-month term

  2. $50k - $3M

  3. Property types include condo, single family, 1-4 units, and 5-20 units

  4. Loan for up to 90% of the purchase price and 100% of the rehad, up to 70% of ARV

  5. Financing in 14 days or less

  6. No penalties for pre-payment



A great loan for investors interested in land intended for ground up building of 1-20 unit non-owner occupied properties looking for non-bank financing solutions. Expand your real estate investment solutions for 1-20 unit residential investment properties. Suncrest is the rental and investment property lender featuring fast closings and common-sense underwriting. Our 100% Ground Up Construction Loan product is a quick, smart and effective alternative for financing construction costs prior to transitioning into a long-term loan.

This loan features:

  1. Requires FICO greater than or equal to 640

  2. Loan term of 8, 12, or 18 months

  3. 100 financing up to 70% ARV

  4. Loan size $50K - $1M+

  5. The approval for this loan is based on ground up constrution experiance, cash for closing + 6 months reserve along with credit and income

  6. At least 1 verifiably completed ground up within the most recent 12 months is required OR 4 verifiable completed projects with in the last 3 years.

  7. Land must be purchased in advance, have a foundation poured with permits approved for building.

Why GSD Funding?

GSD Funding is invested in your immediate and long term success! Whether you’re looking for a Fix-to-Flip or Fix-to-Rent loan, we’re very unique among private money lenders because we analyze borrowers as a whole, and work to match your specific goals to a loan product with the term that’s perfect for you. Other hard money lenders stick to hard-and-fast formulas when deciding whether to approve or deny a loan, but not GSD Funding. Instead, we review an applicant’s full financial picture and use common sense underwriting to make our decision. Overall, we’re looking to work with financially-responsible borrowers who want to make their mark in real estate investment. Give us a call, you will not be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a loan from GSD Funding as a first-time flipper?

Yes, GSD Funding is the perfect resource for first-time flippers looking ot receive funding for their project.

Do you offer any tools to help me understand my options?

Your best resources are our Senior Account Executives! Our Senior Account Executives are trained to walk you through the application process from start to finish. Our Senior Account Executives have experienced all kinds of scenarios and have a high-success rate on getting you a fast CTC.

How much money can I borrow?

Some of our available loans will provide up to 100% financing on your real estate project, up to 70% ARV (after repair value)

How do I apply for a GSD Funding loan?

LHead over to our prequalification using the prequalification button at the top of our website.

What documents will I need in addition to the application?

Business entity documents, 3 months of most recent bank statements, and a copy of your drivers license are required to get started with Suncrest Capital.


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